How to Lose Fat With Way Less Effort

When I originally branded Indulgent Fitness back in 2014, the whole concept behind it was allowing movement, nutrition, & health to be enjoyable, pleasurable, & downright indulgent. Now lately, I've brought up the concept a lot on "effortless fat loss". In other words, fat loss that doesn't make you feel like hell and crave ALLOFTHECOOKIESNOW. Instead, it feels a little less crazy and a lot more "natural".

We often think that fat loss comes down to a calories in/calories out equation...

And, we're right... But there's also another part of the equation. In a perfect environment, this can work magic. But when we bring into play high cortisol levels, low-functioning thyroid hormones, wacky sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone, emotional eating, overwhelming schedules, and more, we begin to run into some problems. Suddenly this equation doesn't look so simple, and doesn't feel so effortless.

(P.S. many of us walk around with some sort of low-grade hormonal dysfunction without even knowing it. We often excuse common symptoms like chronic fatigue because "that's just life", and then throw down 3-5+ cups of coffee a day, feel wired and tired all the time, get sick often, and so on and so forth. That may be "normal" for our society, but it definitely doesn't HAVE to be your normal. Reach out to a functional or integrative physician and get some labs done. You might be surprised at what you find).

So to give you some context, I went through hormonal hell back in 2012 (when it just started), to early 2013 where things just blew up in my face. It was a long, hard road, and I gained weight that made me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I just didn't feel like "me": the lean, healthy, fast, strong me that I always cherished. So I tried to do all the "right" things that always worked for me in the past. I cycled my calories, cut my carbs down, cut my calories, did more metabolic conditioning ("HIIT"), continued to lift weights 3-4 days per week. I didn't eat anything "bad". And guess what? No change, at all. Even my strength had plateaued. It was really discouraging.

Fast-forward to 2016, and all that weight has come back off. It didn't come off from going further down the crazy train of extreme exercise and restrictive diets. My effortless fat loss came down to:

> Releasing myself from the outcome, in this case, losing the weight I had gained. I stopped thinking about it & focused on just being good to my body.

> Eating enough to nourish my body, including plenty of starchy, carby vegetables like sweet potato, winter squash and pumpkin. Carbs made a HUGE difference for me due to my sluggish thyroid.

> Simplified my training. I focused on just moving progressively heavier weight each week and walking/moving regularly.

> Doing things I ENJOYED. I realized I had a lot of other "blocks" that were stopping me from doing so. I wound myself up too much about work, money, & things of that nature. Instead, I stopped being so hard on myself and allowed myself to enjoy things again.

> Prioritized a lot of rest... Without guilt. We often think we need to do it all, like, yesterday. I gave myself permission to be "lazy"... Which is exactly what I needed.

Effortless fat loss means actually doing LESS. It means looking at the situation holistically rather than in this narrow view of DIET + EXERCISE. We are dynamic, complicated, & emotional creatures. We need to appreciate the many factors that filter into fat loss aside from the two obvious.

Interested in tapping into these other areas and finding your effortless flow with fat loss, diet & exercise?

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The #1 Way to Stay Consistent With Your Fitness & Diet

Let me begin by saying this isn't going to be your conventional advice of "pack your gym bag before work!" or "leave your workout clothes out where you can see them!" While establishing these supportive habits can be beneficial, there is often some deeper stuff under the surface that's preventing you from really giving it your all. 

But to fully be able to stay consistent, we have to know what's preventing us from doing so in the first place. Here are some reasons why you might not be showing up consistently in your training & diet:

#1. You simply don't prioritize it.

Maybe you just don't care enough. Usually when this happens, you haven't established why it's important to you. Alternatively, you might just be too damn comfortable where you're at without a strong enough reason to change (think teenagers who eat like crap because they don't see the ramifications of their actions later on in life).

Your fitness/diet routine might not feel good where it's at, and you struggle to prioritize it because it just sucks. This usually happens when somebody else forces you into some sort of routine that you felt you had no say in.

You don't believe you can actually do it this time around. Hey, why prioritize it when deep down, you don't think you'll make it through to begin with, right? Perhaps you've "failed" before one too many times, and you're just burned out on this whole "diet and exercise" thing. You know it's important so you try, but it's still kind of a half-assed attempt (and you know it).

And lastly, you might not think you're worth the investment of time, energy, or even money or resources. You put everybody before yourself. Dedicate 30 minutes to yourself a few times a week? No, way. You've got other people to put before you.

#2. You have high expectations.

Maybe you get discouraged too quickly if you don't see instant results. Because we're told that it's reasonable to lose 30 pounds in only 4 weeks, right? And still be able to eat all our favorite foods. (If it's too good to be true, it probably is....)

Or you go too hard, too fast with the expectation that you'll be able to maintain your three times a day juicing habit of only organic produce + exercising 6-7 days a week + not touching another chocolate anything ever. Life happens, so getting too crazy into the health hole will only lead you disappointed.

You might even start to compare yourself to others, feeling inadequate to their successes. When in actuality, there's a lot of fake crap on the internet and their story might be completely different from yours. 

 And lastly, you might attach yourself to the outcome to the point where your expectations overcome all of the smaller breakthroughs you make along the way. We often think we can control the outcome, but we truly can only control our actions leading up to it. When we don't get that expected outcome, it's easy to not want to stay consistent.

So now that we know what's going on, how do we re-mediate it?

By approaching it from a completely different perspective. Meaning, we need a radical shift in your mindset. That needs to be addressed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Until it becomes a natural part of your core being.

We need to shift how we perceive movement & nutrition.

I think we can all agree that moving regularly, building our body to be stronger and healthier, and consuming high-quality, nourishing foods, is a very high form of self-care. It's essentially giving your body the very basics that it needs to thrive. To stay as young, healthy, able, mobile, & pain-free as possible. We are taking deep care of ourselves every time engage in movement (strength training, yoga, walking, mobility work, etc.) and eat nourishing foods.

It's not just a matter of prioritizing your exercise.

It's not just a matter of staying consistent with exercise.

It's a matter of prioritizing yourself.

It's a matter of consistently showing up for yourself, day after day.

We have a warped concept of "self-care" because we mistake it with "self-indulgence". Self-indulging is giving in to bad habits that keep us stuck, but feel good momentarily. It's "pseudo self-care". True self-care is prioritizing the things that truly make us thrive as a being, and that could be physically, mentally or spiritually. Self-care might be a guilt-free nap to restore your thoughts. It could be meditating or tuning into your spiritual source (God, Universe, etc) to connect to a higher power. It could be eating a nourishing meal of fresh, wholesome foods and actually taking your time to eat it slowly with awareness. It could be engaging regularly in a weight lifting program that you know will help you become or maintain a strong, healthy, relatively lean and able body that can bend, lift, squat, push, press, run, and all of the other incredible things we can build the capacity to do.

At a deeper level, self-care comes from self-love.

If you lack self-love or self-respect for yourself, you won't regularly engage in true self-care. You will consistently prioritize everything except yourself. And that's a fundamental issue with your mindset, and how you perceive your worth.

If you were hoping for an easy answer, I apologize. But to give you an answer of "well just put it down in your calendar" or something to that extent can only get a person so far if there are some other things going on under the hood.

If you want to learn how to tap into that mindset, how to truly engage in a self-care practice that actually gives you the body that you want in a way that feels good, I'd love if you joined us for a FREE training on December 5th at 6:30pm EST.

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Why Gaining 20 Pounds Was One of the Best Things to Happen to Me

As a female fitness professional, I notice a subtle yet damaging script behind a lot of mainstream fitness advice to women. We're in a society that stresses to women, “slim down in 7 days!” or, “drop 2 dress sizes this month!” or, “get skinny and get sexy!”

In general, the messages we are sent are to eat LESS and weigh LESS. We get a whole lot of messages to BE less. To be smaller. To shrink. To diet. To restrict.

Think about how women are typically told how to workout. Pound yourself into the ground with lots of cardio, restrict most foods, reduce your calories, and prepare to give up all your favorite foods. Looking sexy is more important than your mental sanity, right? If you're not getting the promised slim and sexy results, the answer is usually more cardio and more dieting.

Restricting, reducing, and sacrificing. We're told that this is the way to the lean, sexy body we've always wanted.

I know, because I was there. I’ve tried to make myself healthier and leaner with this “less” mentality. I exercised for 4-6 times a week, mostly cardio and very light resistance training, I ate “low” everything, and I restricted meat, sugar, and processed foods. Sure, I lost weight (even though I realistically didn’t need to,) but I was losing out on a lot more as well. I was losing out on building myself to my best potential.

Even worse, most women jump on this path of restriction out of disgust, hate or general dissatisfaction with their bodies. When we're motivated to do something out of disgust and hate, how can we expect that we're going to making the absolute best choices for a better, stronger, healthier version of ourselves?

That sort of lifestyle, one of restriction and sacrifice, is downright exhausting. In my personal example, I was very lean (bordering on underweight,) but it took a large physical and mental commitment to sustain. I did everything that mainstream media told me to do, but I intuitively felt like something was missing.

I searched the internet for an alternative, ended up finding an amazing mentor, and started to change my mindset around fitness and nutrition. I learned how to lift heavy weights, especially compound movements like the squat, deadlift, chin-up, and row. I started to research nutrition (not just following the “cookie cutter” advice,) and learned how to eat to be stronger rather than how to eat to be smaller. I stopped doing long periods of cardio, and completely gave up running (which I never really enjoyed anyway.) I was eating exponentially more, exercising way less, and ended up reaching a much healthier weight that's easily sustainable. My new lifestyle emphasized “building up” rather than “breaking down.”

When your exercise and nutrition builds you up, you do physical activities that focus on making you stronger, both physically and mentally. You begin to feel empowered more from your abilities, and not just from your appearance. The physical strength you build begins to transcend into an inner strength that positively affects the way you move and act in daily life. How can we find that inner empowerment when we're constantly pounding, reducing, and restricting to be smaller versions of ourselves? How can we find that empowerment when we're always “breaking down” instead of “building up”?

I currently eat almost twice as much as I used to when I was Miss Cardio Queen, I lift weights for about two hours a week, and I engage in regular movement like yoga, hiking, biking, or kayaking simply for the pleasure of it (not because I'm trying to burn calories.) I now feel well-fed, balanced, and strong.

If you stopped doing exercise for the sole purpose of fat loss, what would happen?

What would happen if you focused on your performance in the gym instead? What would it feel and look like if you focused on your body's abilities rather than it's appearance? What would it feel like to be a well-fed, stronger, and more capable version of yourself?

If you want to change the way you approach your body, fitness & health, you have to start from within.

If you're looking how to start, you're welcome to join me December 5th, at 6:30PM EST for a free webinar on The 3-Step Formula for Sustainable Fat Loss, A Strong Body, & A Healthy Mind

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