How to Lose Fat With Way Less Effort

When I originally branded Indulgent Fitness back in 2014, the whole concept behind it was allowing movement, nutrition, & health to be enjoyable, pleasurable, & downright indulgent. Now lately, I've brought up the concept a lot on "effortless fat loss". In other words, fat loss that doesn't make you feel like hell and crave ALLOFTHECOOKIESNOW. Instead, it feels a little less crazy and a lot more "natural".

We often think that fat loss comes down to a calories in/calories out equation...

And, we're right... But there's also another part of the equation. In a perfect environment, this can work magic. But when we bring into play high cortisol levels, low-functioning thyroid hormones, wacky sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone, emotional eating, overwhelming schedules, and more, we begin to run into some problems. Suddenly this equation doesn't look so simple, and doesn't feel so effortless.

(P.S. many of us walk around with some sort of low-grade hormonal dysfunction without even knowing it. We often excuse common symptoms like chronic fatigue because "that's just life", and then throw down 3-5+ cups of coffee a day, feel wired and tired all the time, get sick often, and so on and so forth. That may be "normal" for our society, but it definitely doesn't HAVE to be your normal. Reach out to a functional or integrative physician and get some labs done. You might be surprised at what you find).

So to give you some context, I went through hormonal hell back in 2012 (when it just started), to early 2013 where things just blew up in my face. It was a long, hard road, and I gained weight that made me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I just didn't feel like "me": the lean, healthy, fast, strong me that I always cherished. So I tried to do all the "right" things that always worked for me in the past. I cycled my calories, cut my carbs down, cut my calories, did more metabolic conditioning ("HIIT"), continued to lift weights 3-4 days per week. I didn't eat anything "bad". And guess what? No change, at all. Even my strength had plateaued. It was really discouraging.

Fast-forward to 2016, and all that weight has come back off. It didn't come off from going further down the crazy train of extreme exercise and restrictive diets. My effortless fat loss came down to:

> Releasing myself from the outcome, in this case, losing the weight I had gained. I stopped thinking about it & focused on just being good to my body.

> Eating enough to nourish my body, including plenty of starchy, carby vegetables like sweet potato, winter squash and pumpkin. Carbs made a HUGE difference for me due to my sluggish thyroid.

> Simplified my training. I focused on just moving progressively heavier weight each week and walking/moving regularly.

> Doing things I ENJOYED. I realized I had a lot of other "blocks" that were stopping me from doing so. I wound myself up too much about work, money, & things of that nature. Instead, I stopped being so hard on myself and allowed myself to enjoy things again.

> Prioritized a lot of rest... Without guilt. We often think we need to do it all, like, yesterday. I gave myself permission to be "lazy"... Which is exactly what I needed.

Effortless fat loss means actually doing LESS. It means looking at the situation holistically rather than in this narrow view of DIET + EXERCISE. We are dynamic, complicated, & emotional creatures. We need to appreciate the many factors that filter into fat loss aside from the two obvious.

Interested in tapping into these other areas and finding your effortless flow with fat loss, diet & exercise?

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