Three Movements That Will Instantly Make You Feel More Badass

If you haven’t noticed already, I often talk about the benefits of being strong, mobile and healthy rather than the subjective goal of looking good and having abs (not to say you’re “wrong” for shooting for the latter, but the benefits are far greater in the former).

If you’re looking to jump on the train of being Strong & Badass (or as I call my ladies, Strong & Empowered), here are three moves to get you started.

Secret to not failing at this one: slow down! It’s difficult for people to “own” their pelvic position when carrying a heavy weight. If you notice you’re walking like a penguin, either lower the poundage or slow down. Chest up, core braced, breathing controlled, and walk strong.

I actually first learned how to do  kettlebell swings back in 2010 with a dumbbell, which really turned out more like a really bad-looking squat. Don’t be like me. Hinge your hips backward, move fast, core and glutes braced hard in the top position, and imagine thrusting the bell forward with your butt cheeks. Powerful.

#3. CHIN-UPS (Assisted or otherwise).
Somewhere on Vimeo, I think there is still a video of me doing my first 3 chin-ups back in 2009 (terribly, mind you, but I did them). If you’re not quite chin-up status but still want to feel all the badassery that comes with levitating yourself off the ground, enter the Leg-Assisted Pull-up. This movement helps train the same movement pattern as doing the real deal, but with about half the weight (or more, if you’re feeling extra badass).

There you have it – three movements you can get started with today to feeling strong, mobile, healthy, and obviously more awesome. Not sure how to compile these movements in a whole training program? Feel free to schedule a free consultation HERE to help you get all your kettlebells in a row so you can start your training off strong.