Let's Talk About The "D" Word

For the most part, I believe engaging in movement and eating #thegoodfood should feel less like a burden, and more like an opportunity to show yourself some TLC. Moving is in our cells, it's what makes us human. Not taking advantage of that opportunity to it's fullest potential is just plain unfortunate, and even dangerous in some cases.

But regardless of how much you value movement & nutrition, no matter how much you understand that it's vital to living your best life, there are still times where you have to face the "D"...

That's right, DISCIPLINE.

I think I can confidently speak for the majority of us that we generally don't like this word. In fact, more & more people are saying our younger generation are "self-entitled", and therefore don't understand the importance of discipline and basically just getting shit done, without complaining.

And you can't blame them, really. In all of human history, we've never had the power and capabilities we have now. We have instant access to anything we want, and we expect instant results. Hard work isn't valued as much. We want it here and we want it now. We don't appreciate post-gratification as much.

Did we lose our discipline?

When I first talk with a client about fitness coaching, I'll always ask them, "why is this goal important to you?" Initially, their response is usually more superficial in nature like, "looking good". As we begin to dig more, their answer starts to become more emotionally heavy. "I want to feel good in my body. I want to feel strong & able. I don't want to die prematurely, or become wheelchair-bound in my later years..." Their motivators end up being strong, emotionally-invested & extremely important reasons. They have an intrinsic motivator, a reason behind why they want to fulfill this goal for themselves. And sometimes, it's just a matter of reminding yourself of these stronger motivators, having confidence and trust that you're satisfying those goals with your regime, & building habits over a long period of time.

But sometimes, we just need some "D". Some good, old-fashioned discipline.

I have accepted that human beings are inherently lazy, and I've accepted this without my previous bitterness. After all, we evolved to be lazy to conserve energy for when we needed it most: when we're in danger, collecting food or hunting, or breeding. With the many advances we have today to keep us safe and fed, conserving energy for hard times just isn't necessary anymore. You shouldn't feel "guilty" for being lazy, as it's likely hard-wired in us. Just look at your dog, do you think he ever feels guilty for being lazy?

Instead, we just need to accept laziness, and then... get shit done anyway. And sometimes, it will be uncomfortable. You won't want to. You'll want to half-ass it. And sometimes, that's okay, but only when you can acknowledge that's the pattern you're falling into. I can half-ass my diet all day long, but I know it, I accept I'm not going to feel as great, and I'll practice more discipline the next so that I can continue to fulfill my values in myself and in my health.

The discipline in and of itself is valuable. It teaches you patience, strength & fortitude. Feel the resistance, and then lean into it. Your body & mind will thank you.