This is not a weight loss product. This is not personal training. This is NOT something you’ll find at your local gym. This is different.

Enrollment is open for 2017! The next program starts on January 2nd, Monday, at 9AM EST.






I’ve worked in the fitness industry for seven years, but a lot of it disappoints me. We’re marketed quick fixes like fat burning supplements, gimmicky & unnecessary pieces of exercise equipment, and sketchy weight loss products. Fitness is marketed to us in a way that says, “you’re not good enough,” or “you need to look this way,” or more boldly, you’re fat and nobody will like you until you buy this.

Ouch. But unfortunately, this stuff sells… And a lot of the time, it leaves us right back where we started. Quick, easy, and cheap solutions do not work when you’re trying to make an epic life transformation as important as your health & fitness.

Furthermore, we’re constantly being told that exercise is just a means to “fix” ourselves. But what if we thought of exercise simply as movement? And as we know, movement is life. We weren’t designed to move because we hate how our thighs looked. We were designed to move because it gives us strength, vigor, energy, power, wellness, endurance, and stamina. It nourishes us, supports us and helps us become more resilient human beings inside and out.

This comprehensive coaching program encompasses that mission. To open the doors to movement & food in a completely different light, teaching individuals how to build themselves up, stronger and more resilient, instead of breaking them down to simply be smaller, lesser versions of themselves through excessive workouts and restrictive diets.

My own journey into fitness.

(and why less really is more.)

When I was at my leanest weight, people would ask me, “are you training for a physique competition?” and they’d tell me, “you look so fit and strong!” On the outside, I looked great. Strong, lean, and fit. But on the inside? I was suffering.

I was waking up 8-10 times per night, my cycle was all over the place (or not there at all,) I had terrible mood swings, low energy, and major brain fog. I was trying so many different “fat loss” techniques and “healthy ways of eating” that I ended up under-eating for a long time, which ended up damaging my metabolism and hormones.

My health was suffering, but I continued to push…

Until my body wouldn’t let me push anymore. I ended up with vitamin deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism. It took me years to dig myself out of that hole, which took a lot of self-care practices that had me questioning, “what is really my intention behind fitness & health?” It shifted my entire mindset around what fitness & health really means to me, and stirred the cultivation of a much healthier, happier, & more self-respecting health regime.

Fitness & diet is not meant to break us down, burn out us out, or force our body into submission. It’s not meant to be something that we have to fight ourselves to do regularly. I learned how to find my flow with fitness and nutrition in a way that supports, nourishes and strengthens my body, mind and spirit, not restricts, starves or overwhelms it. Now, I get the opportunity to teach that path to others.


⇒ You’ll lose excess weight that isn’t serving you. If you have weight to lose, you can expect to lose anywhere from 15-30 pounds in 12 weeks, without going to extremes with your diet or exercise.

⇒ You’ll have increased confidence & self-esteem.  A strong body is a confident body, and a confident body is a sexy body. Bonus: building your strong, confident, and sexy body can happen in less than three hours a week.

⇒ More self-love & self-respect. This is the cornerstone of a truly sustainable health & fitness regime. This coaching program teaches you how to move & eat well out of love and respect for yourself, not because you hate yourself.

⇒ You’ll finally feel FREE in your body.  You won’t be constantly fighting your body to exercise or eat “healthy”. No more guilt around eating “bad” foods. You’ll be working with your body from now on, not against it. 

⇒ You’ll have  more energy to do the things that matter most in your life. Working out isn’t your life — it’s designed to help you enjoy life more. This means boosting your health and energy so you can show up with more vigor for all the other activities you do in your life.

⇒ You’ll learn how to implement a healthy movement & nutrition routine that doesn’t demand a ton of time and energy. We’re not about those short fixes. Sustainability matters

⇒ You’ll get more results with less work. Need we say more? But really — less time in the gym, no crazy diets, and better results. We don’t need to work harder, we need to work smarter.

"Being a part of Jess' Strong & Empowered Coaching has been life-changing for me..."

Being a part of Jess’ Strong & Empowered Coaching has been life-changing for me. Prior to starting with her, my diet was terrible, I hardly ever exercised, and my self-esteem was incredibly low. Jess encouraged me to make a major change in my diet, and her training program got me in better shape than I’ve been in years. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, but the program has been about so much more than that. She’s helped me work on my mindset to understand why fitness programs haven’t worked for me in the past. She really cares about all aspects of her client’s health and fitness, and her belief in me has given me so much confidence. I cannot recommend her coaching enough.
— Rebecca Turner

Why do most fail with fitness programs?

(and why I simply refuse to let my clients fail.)

I could give you the most specific, well-designed, and perfect fitness & nutrition program, and you could still fail miserably.



It’s about what you DO with that program that brings success. It’s about consistently showing up, putting in the work, and IMPLEMENTING that program.

And sometimes, that’s really, really hard. And I get it.

And that’s where a qualified coach comes in.

We are the accountability & mindset MASTERS. We help you discover your true motivation, what deeply calls you to pursue this goal. We create actionable, achievable steps to help pave the way to consistently positive habits that inspire you to keep moving, not bog you down. We’re there when you want to give up. We’re there when you just… don’t… wanna. We’re there to keep you accountable. We’re there to believe in you when you feel like a failure. To keep you strong. To keep you forging forward. 

In this coaching program, failure is not an option, and I do whatever it takes to make sure not a single client leaves this program dissatisfied.

There is absolutely no replacement to the satisfaction, self-respect, and self-love that can develop from building a strong, healthy, and lean physique. Your business will not give it to you. Quick weight loss fixes won’t give it to you. Exercising yourself to the ground won’t give it to you.

The antidote is courage.

You need to have the courage to step up and say, I FINALLY WANT TO GIVE BACK TO MY HEALTH AND MY BODY. I choose to give my body what it’s been begging for. To bring it back into health, strength, confidence, fortitude, resilience, power. 

"I would highly recommend Jess Mather as a trainer to anyone looking to make a positive change for a healthier body."

As a self-confidence and body image coach, writer and a body confident photographer, I really enjoyed working with Jess Mather in her online fitness training program and I really felt her body-healthy attitude aligned with not only what I wanted to achieve with my own body but aligns with what I am working on with my clients as well. I really appreciated how she kept in contact with me throughout the program and was checking in with my progress. Jess is not “one program fits all”. I started two months before my wedding and we worked together to have this program fit with my lifestyle as much as possible. I was able to make progress and felt stronger and healthier by my wedding. My wedding dress fit better too and zipped up with ease by my wedding and that was an accomplishment I felt very happy about because I know I was healthier as a result. Jess also made modifications for the fitness routines when I was away on my honeymoon and I did not have access to all of the equipment, which I really appreciated.

I really learned a lot with [her] program and I am happy my body is healthy and strong enough to get back into formal dance training again, something I haven’t done in the past 10 years. I would highly recommend Jess Mather as a trainer to anyone looking to make a positive change for a healthier body.
— Morgan Bentley

Who do I coach?

My coaching clients are typically successful female entrepreneurs or hard-working employees, in their late 30s to 40s, who have exhausted most of their energy on everything but themselves. She struggles to prioritize herself, which has resulted in unwanted weight gain, low energy, and poor health habits. She’s longing to feel strong, healthy, confident and at home in her body. She’s been struggling to finally give back to herself

My clients don’t just want to be stronger & healthier on the outside, but also on the inside. They’re hungry for that inner strength and confidence that will help them kick ass in every other area of their life. They want to wake up everyday feeling confident in the person they’ve become.

"I wondered if I'd still get the personal attention I would if I was meeting with her in a gym..."

When I signed up for Jess Mather’s S&E group program, which was done online, I wondered if I’d still get the personal attention I would if I was meeting with her in a gym. The answer: Absolutely! Jess really gets involved with her clients and is passionate about helping them get the results they’re looking for. Jess treats each person as unique and works hard to put together a custom plan that addresses both the physical and mental hurdles to a healthy and absolutely sustainable lifestyle.
— Karen Mather

CURIOUS ABOUT THE PROCESS? Here are all the goodies you get within this transformational fitness & health coaching program.

PHASE 1: The Foundation

⇒ Health, Fitness, & Diet Questionnaire
This gives me a general idea of your goals, history & needs. 

⇒ 1-1 Video Call Session
Although this is a group training program, I make it a point to connect with each & every one of my clients. This call will help me get to you know better, and help me understand where I can assist you the most moving forward.

⇒ Body Measurement Assessment
We use scale weight & tape measurements to objectively track your inches, pounds, body fat percentage, and lean tissue mass.

⇒ Nutritional Assessment
We take a look at your diet including the foods, calories, and macronutrients to make sure we adjust your diet appropriately (no one-size-fits-all here.)

PHASE 2: The Execution

⇒ Weekly Mindset Videos
This 12-week video course will deliver mindset videos once a week to the group to excel past any resistance that comes up during this program. This is a huge life-changing deal here, and if your mind isn’t right, your results are going to suffer. These videos come with worksheets and unlimited support from me to help you get your mind right and achieve your biggest goals.

⇒ Stress Management Techniques
Our training sessions don’t help us at all if we can’t recover from them. We make sure we cover your “recovery workouts”, and how to prioritize your “me time” so you can train another day.

⇒ At Home Weight Lifting Program
You’ll receive a 12-week home workout training program that will take you 2-3 hours per week, tops, to lose fat & increase muscle. Every exercise has corresponding video & text instructions from my private video database of over 250 exercises.

⇒ Individualized Nutritional Guidance
I do NOT give meal plans; I do something better. We figure out how to tweak your normal diet just enough to give you the lean, healthy, strong body that you desire.

⇒Weekly Group Coaching Calls
These coaching calls are an invaluable part of your success, since this is where we can really connect and bust through any plateaus that you’re facing. This is where that “coaching” aspect really comes into play and we can make sure you have everything you need for continual success. Each group call will be recorded in case you miss it.

⇒ Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
At the end of every week (and several times during the week!), you’ll be hearing from me. We’ll check your stress levels, cravings, appetite, muscle soreness, and more to make sure we’re heading in the right direction week after week.

⇒ Private Facebook Group Support
Making a total transformation like this is better when you have as many people as possible behind you. This semi-customized group program will be in a private Facebook group to help increase accountability, boost your social support, and get access to private content that I don’t share anywhere else.

This is everybody’s favorite part of the program, because it’s where we assess how far you’ve gotten in only 90 days! We assess your body measurements, your nutrition, your strength and mobility, your energy levels, your body satisfaction, your sleep quality, and more. This is where we compare the before and after, both internally and externally!



While the majority of your program will still be online with the above features, you'll also have the option to attend 2x/week fitness coaching sessions at our local gym in Altamonte Springs. The sessions will reflect what is provided in your downloadable weight training PDF. Each session will take 30-40 minutes.


My name’s Jess, a fitness & rehab professional on a mission to help women become strong, healthy, & empowered beings by cultivating an incredible relationship with their body, fitness & nutrition. Prioritizing your health doesn’t mean submitting your body to excessive exercise and restrictive diets. It means building your self-respect and self-love through nourishing food and engaging in movement that empowers and strengthens your body and mind. Change your perspective, change your life.